LED lighting

Economically Superior Lighting

Because LED lighting uses less electricity than traditional sources to achieve the same light level, you make substantial financial savings by installing it.

Economically Superior Lighting

LED technology has improved dramatically in recent years. The advantages of new LED lighting technology are well tested and beyond doubt.

Switching from conventional incandescent or compact fluorescent lighting to LED dramatically reduces energy use, and therefore cost, as well as improving environmental performance.  LED retrofitting is one of the most common recommendations under the ESOS scheme.

The benefits include:

  • Energy savings from 40-80% can be achieved
  • Extended lifetime: 50,000-100,000 hours before replacement
  • “Instant on” capability: no “warm-up” time
  • Improved light output in terms of lumens per Watt
  • Substantial reductions in CO2 emissions
  • Rapid payback time, from as little as two years
  • No up-front investment necessary with our LED hire purchase scheme
  • Lower maintenance costs

In situations where decisions about lighting have been made by, for example, landlords or building contractors, often this will have been purely based on the initial cost. The tenants are then left to pay the operating costs. By installing LED lighting these on-going costs can be reduced by up to 60%, with the new
equipment paying for itself in a short space of time.

The consultation process:

  • NWT perform a lighting survey
  • We can then discuss the results and outline achievable savings
  • The LED lighting can be installed at no up-front cost
  • The savings made on electricity bills can then be used to pay for the system
  • Once the payback period is complete, you will continue to reap the benefits
  • Since the LED lighting has such a long lifespan this represents a significant saving, with no initial costs to bear

To discuss your requirements, contact NWT on 01444 470018 or contact info@nwtenergy.co.uk