About NWT

NWT’s brands

NWT Energy is the lead brand of a UK based group of renewable energy system providers.

NWT’s brands

NWT Energy

NWT Energy advises and invests in energy generation and energy saving projects that reduce emissions and overhead for our clients, who are commercial, industrial, institutional, agricultural and government property or land owners.

NWT Solar

Established in 2010, NWT Solar has supplied and fitted solar PV installations for commercial, agricultural and institutional property owners across the UK. We also provide bespoke systems for private residences. NWT Solar installations share the same quality standards and attention to detail as NWT SolarGain™ utility-scale installations.

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Many of our industrial and institutional customers consume large amounts of energy lighting their buildings. NWT LED is helping turn the tide on lighting energy consumption by funding and installing LED lighting systems in customers’ premises and recouping that investment through the cost savings achieved.

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NWT SolarGain™

Our NWT SolarGain™ initiative is a precise reflection of our corporate vision and values. We are building a substantial, well-resourced business around intelligent installation of large scale solar energy generation plant that provides either substantial savings or ROI leading to clear profit for our customers, depending on whether they want to invest capital or let us do the funding.

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NWT Europe

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One of the continent’s longest-established renewable energy companies, based in the Czech Republic, NWT has led technological advances in PV energy harvesting since 2006, and has invested heavily in research and development as it has carved a leading position in the industry with large scale installations across Europe.