50kW solar installation, cleaning and maintenance, Mid Sussex

Cleaning, Installation, Maintenance

Since the Feed-in Tariff is paid over a fixed term, revenue lost through reduced productivity can not be recouped later. Depending on your FIT rate and the amount of dirt on the panels, this can amount to thousands of pounds in lost revenue. In the vast majority of cases for systems of this size, the cost of cleaning the solar panels is easily surpassed by the increased income. This can be the case even when they do not appear to be particularly soiled. NWT install monitoring systems with all of our PV arrays to ensure that we can identify when it is time for the panels to be cleaned and then track the increase in output.

50kW solar installation, cleaning and maintenance, Mid Sussex


Many of NWT’s installations have been in place for several years now and whilst they are still operating well, their output can be improved through frequent maintenance and cleaning visits.  In the same way as servicing a car, this helps to ensure that the equipment is operating correctly and to recognise any issues before they become a real problem.

Our specialist cleaning equipment ensures that as much of the dirt, bird waste and lichen as possible are removed from the panel surface, increasing the amount of light reaching the surface and ensuring the modules generate as much electricity as possible.


20160524_145324Another advantage of regular inspections is that NWT can perform electrical testing and identify further issues such as in this case where the foliage was also casting a shadow across the panels, reducing their output still further:


The majority of solar installations in the UK use string inverters.  This means that even small amounts of shading such as that shown here can in fact be bringing down the output of whole rows of modules.  This is because the output of each module is limited to that of the lowest-performance module by the “string” wiring arrangement.  NWT use Solar Edge technology to remove this effect, however it is still important to ensure that all modules are free from shade where possible.