• Here for the long-term

    Here for the long-term Hundreds of UK solar installers, including Freewatt, Southern Solar, Conergy, Solinium and M3 Solar have ceased trading. Have you been left in the lurch? NWT is here to manage and maintain your system and protect your investment. Contact us about our operation and maintenance services. read on

  • Protect your investment

    Protect your investment Maintenance is absolutely crucial in order to get the maximum income from your PV. FIT lost to downtime can never be recovered. If your installer is out of business, contact us for a site maintenance survey and list of recommendations. read on

  • Cleaning boosts performance

    Cleaning boosts performance Solar PV needs sunlight to work. If you have PV, you need to clean the array regularly. read on

  • About NWT

    About NWT NWT Energy advises and invests in energy generation and energy saving projects that reduce emissions and overheads for our clients, who are commercial, industrial, institutional, agricultural and government property owners. read on

  • Working with us

    Working with us Our proposition to commercial property owners is compelling and unusual. Building on the sound foundations of our large scale industrial installations in mainland Europe, our mission is to build strong, long-term relationships creating financial reward for our clients. read on

  • The Kukang Rescue Program

    The Kukang Rescue Program NWT Energy sponsor The Kukang Rescue Program. The goal of this project is the protection and rehabilitation of the Slow Loris in Indonesia, focusing on the area of northern Sumatra – the natural habitat of the species. read on

To date we have installed 8MW in the UK, and 83MW internationally...