LED lighting

One two three LED

You can substantially reduce your electricity bills by replacing existing fluorescent lights with LED technology in 3 easy steps. All we need to know is what kind of lighting you currently have and how often you use it to deliver a proposal tailored to you.

One two three LED

Because LED lighting uses less electricity than traditional sources to achieve the same light level, you will save on your electricity bills.

NWT can calculate the savings available by building a profile of your current use and matching it against an equivalent LED arrangement. By comparing the two we are able to offer a finance package where we install the LEDs free of charge, and then recoup the cost via the savings you make on your bills.

This means the LED lighting can be installed at no up-front cost to you, and you will benefit from the energy savings.

  • Our team will perform a lighting survey of your property – free of charge
  • This will catalogue the current equipment in place and its usage
  • Once we have a full understanding of your building we can make a plan for replacing your lighting with LED
  • We will supply a proposal outlining the potential cost savings available
  • We can then install with no up-front cost and recoup the amount via the electricity bill savings
  • Once the payback period is complete, you continue to benefit from the greatly-reduced bills


 1 – Consultation & site assessment

Once we have a full understanding of your premises we can make a plan for replacing your lighting with LED and deliver a detailed proposal to you.


2 – Choose a financial option

You have the option to purchase the LED equipment and realise instant savings or to sign a hire-purchase agreement which will enable NWT to finance and install the LED apparatus at no up-front cost. You simply repay the investment in instalments, which will always be less than the savings you make on your electricity bill.


3 – Installation

Once you have made a decision on your chosen option simply let NWT know and we will do the rest. Our team will replace bulbs or fittings with LED equivalents that will dramatically reduce the amount of electricity required to light your premises.