LED lighting

Rapid return on investment

The electricity savings that can be achieved through LED technology can be calculated before it is even installed.

Rapid return on investment

Environmentally and economically superior

Recent advances in LED lighting have brought it to the point where it outshines traditional sources in every way. Illuminating your building with LED technology can achieve on-going cost savings of 40-60% when compared with conventional lighting, and it lasts far longer – 50,000 hours or more.

Switching from conventional incandescent or compact fluorescent lighting to LED dramatically reduces energy use, and therefore costs, as well as improving environmental performance for the long term.

Full financing available

One of the main barriers to installing LED lighting for many companies is the initial cost of the upgrade.

NWT can assess your current usage, provide a matching LED replacement proposal and finance the installation so there is no capital investment necessary before installation. The loan repayment instalment amount is then set according to the bill savings. – ensuring that you never pay more than you are already saving.

Short payback period, long lifetime

Depending on your circumstances, LED lighting will pay for itself in a short space of time, often less than 4 years. After this point all the bill savings you make are yours to keep.

Real-life example payback calculation

These tables show the calculation process NWT LED follow to determine whether LED replacement lighting is viable in your circumstances.  For a discussion, contact us on 01444 470018 or email info@nwtenergy.co.uk.

LED Example1

LED Example2

LED Example3

LED Example4