Solar PV

Two financial options to consider

Two financial options to consider

Choice 1: we invest

We rent roof space from you, then fund and build the solar power plant on it. Supported by a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), we sell you electricity generated from the plant at discount, which will be tied to the RPI, protected from commercially influenced pricing strategies of national energy providers.

Remember though, that if the power plant does not produce your entire electricity requirement, the balance will be charged to you by your existing supplier at their retail price.  When we invest in the solar plant, we retain the asset and deliver renewable power to your building.

The agreement between us will guarantee that your property will be unharmed as a result of the implementation and future maintenance of the solar energy generation system.

Result: no investment needed by you, just enjoy cheaper electricity.

Choice 2: you invest

We work with you to create a specification for the size of energy generation plant that can practically be built on your land or roof space, and the performance you can expect from it.

Once you have agreed the specification, we arrange finance if needed, install the system and enter into an agreed maintenance schedule.

Our management of your system includes reporting on system performance, 24/7 monitoring, technical support and short notice on-site attendance.

In addition to the financial advantages of a self funding capital asset, owning your own electricity generation system will add value to your commercial property.

Result: In most cases, your investment costs will be offset to zero – a fraction of the way through your agreement term – as energy savings and Feed in Tariff income pay for the capital cost of the system.

Whichever route you choose

Under both styles of agreement you are protected against future predicted energy price rises.