134kW solar PV installation, Saffron, Waldon, Essex

Cleaning, Installation

This project had already been scoped & specified by a leading UK Property Management company and included some non-standard aspects that involved roof refurbishment. NWT combined both pieces of work and offered one price for the full project. The 134kW system was installed across three different roof surfaces.

134kW solar PV installation, Saffron, Waldon, Essex

Barns 1, 2 & 3

All three barns have roofs facing in the same direction, on a bearing of 200 degrees south-southwest, and have a pitch of approximately 15 degrees from horizontal. The proposal here was for three distinct PV arrays to be installed, resulting in a 134kW system.


A GPRS generation meter was also need to be installed to allow us to gather data remotely for submission over the first 12 months of operation.

Electrical connection

Our proposals differed slightly from the tender document’s recommendations, because we proposed a different distribution arrangement, thereby saving the company money and speeding up the installation process.  A series of isolators were also installed across each building to allow sections to be switched off independently.

Isolator Images3