200kW solar PV installation, Lindfield, West Sussex

Cleaning, Installation, Maintenance

Dairy farms have a high demand for energy, so any measures that can be taken to reduce the amount that needs to be purchased from the grid are worth exploring. In 2012, NWT installed a 200 kilowatt-peak solar PV system to generate electricity at the farm. Since then they have reduced their electricity bill substantially, improved their environmental performance and received substantial income from Feed-in Tariff payments.

200kW solar PV installation, Lindfield, West Sussex
Site Lindfield, West Sussex
Project date May-July 2012
System size 200kW
Panels REC 240PE
Inverters ABB TRIO
Mounting system Alumero
Annual electricity generated 180,000kWh


As with all of our installations, we recommend regular cleaning and maintenance to maintain system efficiency.  Especially in farm environments, dirt can quickly build up on the panels and around the inverters, reducing the overall effectiveness of the system