50kW solar PV installation, dairy farm, West Sussex

Cleaning, Installation, Maintenance

Since its installation in 2011 the solar PV system at Holmbush Farm has been delivering higher annual generation than predicted, meaning it is paying for itself faster and delivering better-than-expected returns on the initial investment.

50kW solar PV installation, dairy farm, West Sussex
Site Haywards Heath, West Sussex
Project date November 2011
System size 50kW
Panels REC 240PE
Inverters PowerOne TRIO
Mounting system Alumero
Annual electricity generated 40920kWh
Annual electricity savings £4,092
Annual expected income £17,554.68

Holmbush Farm is a very successful dairy farm in the heart of rural West Sussex.


Frequent cleaning and effective monitoring of the site keep the system working as effectively as possible and ensures that the owner receives the maximum income.