88kWp Firsland Park Estate

Cleaning, Installation, Maintenance

Following from the success of a SolarGain project at Winterpick Business Park, a further site was acquired at another of the owner's holdings - Firslands Park Estate which saw an 88kW PV system installed.

88kWp Firsland Park Estate

On the strength of the initial performance of the Winterpick array, in mid-June Steve got in contact again to discuss a further installation at Firsland Park Estate, another of his holdings. The park was in the middle of an expansion programme but even with that to contend with NWT were able to quickly identify suitable space for a further 90 kilowatt-peak array, consisting of 360 individual modules.

With the National Planning Policy Framework firmly in favour of sustainable development there is no requirement for planning applications to install PV on commercial property. Once the correct lease documentation was in place they were able to begin construction rapidly and start generating electricity on site within a month

Expected generation (2013) 79,200kWh
Actual generation 89,250kWh
Energy used on-site 55%
Annual savings £2945