LED lighting replacement, Riding School, Alton, Hampshire

LED lighting

Following on from the success of the solar pv installation at this riding school, NWT Energy were invited to bid for an LED lighting retrofit of the existing lighting. LED lighting is the most comprehensive and reliable replacement for conventional lighting, offering the lowest energy use of all available technologies as well as having the best environmental performance.

LED lighting replacement, Riding School, Alton, Hampshire


Following our initial lighting survey investigation, it was clear that the majority of the existing fittings (61 out of 70) had been manually disconnected. Cables had also been ripped out of the fuse board. Once we started the replacement programme it was necessary to test each fitting to establish which could be easily rectified.

2015-10-09 11.15.07NWT’s team were able to exceed the client’s expectations, both in terms of our quotation and the speed of delivery.  According to a specialist design, the high quality, IP65 outdoor-rated LED fittings (manufactured in Britain by BSS LED) were positioned to satisfy the on-site architect’s lighting level specification – in this case 75 Lux at ground level.

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NWT can deliver industrial lighting for a wide variety of different applications.  Contact us to arrange for a free consultation where we will assess your current lighting and provide a report outlining potential savings.  in many cases the equipment can be installed with no up-front costs to your company, with the money you save from reduced electricity purchase being used to pay for the system.

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