Solar PV maintenance, rodent infestation


NWT were contracted by a leading UK property agent to perform maintenance inspections on a number of their sites. At one grainstore there were substantial problems caused by not having the correct seals in place on the electrical cabinets.

Solar PV maintenance, rodent infestation


During the inspection it became clear that there were issues with some of the connections within the existing infrastructure.  NWT’s engineers are fully qualified electricians and have strong backgrounds in electrical contracting.

In this case a family of mice had managed to gain access to one of the sealed areas – most probably drawn to the heat around the cables.  They had made bedding out of operation manuals stored in the same building and begun to chew on the sheathing of the internal wires.  The video shows one mouse that has been electrocuted along with a further one escaping.


The mice had managed to access the cabinet through some gaps in the seals on the left hand side, before making a home in there:

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 15.17.57

Once established, over time they had managed to cause significant damage to several of the internal wires, affecting the electricity supply at the building and interrupting the operation of the solar PV system.

2016-05-26 15.42.01

With the income from solar PV installations payable over a fixed period, losses in revenue from system downtime can not be recouped later.  It is essential that the system is inspected regularly and NWT strongly recommend the installation of a PV monitoring system to alert you if there are any issues.