A selection of documents providing detailed analysis and explanation on specific aspects of renewable energy.

The Kukang Rescue Program - Protecting Slow Lorises in Sumatra The Kukang Rescue Program - Protecting Slow Lorises in Sumatra March 2016 Slow lorises belong to the forest and not into a cage. Let`s give them a chance to gain their freedom before it is too late. .. read on PV Operation and Maintenance PV Operation and Maintenance January 2016 Despite having no moving parts, a PV system needs to be inspected at regular intervals to ensure smooth operation. Generally this involves annual detailed visual inspection, cleaning and electrical testing. Monitoring systems are necessary to ensure that the PV array is operating optimally and that relevant parties are alerted in the event of any potential issues so that they can be investigated. Monitoring systems are central to the analysis of the system’s generation, and therefore financial performance, over time. Cleaning of the modules is also recommended in order to ensure maximum yield from the installation. .. read on Investment options for PV projects Investment options for PV projects December 2014 This document looks at the financial options that exist for those considering PV as an energy generator for their business. Covering Self-financed, debt financed and NWT's Solar Gain™ product which opens up the possibility of benefiting from renewable energy without the need for any personal investment. .. read on Why now is the time to install PV on commercial property Why now is the time to install PV on commercial property December 2014 People are often deterred from pursuing PV installations because of the perception that the support available is not sufficient to warrant the hassle, or because they have reached obstacles in the process that they feel are insurmountable. This document outlines the current market situation and explains why 2014/15 will be a strong year for commercial and industrial solar PV installations... read on Photovoltaics: Why size matters Photovoltaics: Why size matters December 2013 By analysing how much electricity is required by a business’ activities, at what time of year and even what time of day it is possible to specify PV systems that have the maximum impact in the most cost effective manner. These also provide the best return on investment figures... read on