Technology standards

Building our role as an industry leader

It sounds grand but this is our core vision, and we are on track. With the benefit of the long-standing research and development investment and installation experience of NWT in Europe, we are able to apply leading-edge thinking to the systems we implement in the UK.

Our focus on commercial, larger systems, rather than competing in an over-supplied residential market, gives us the opportunity to develop appropriate solutions for individual applications.

The installation of the system is just the start of a long relationship, and our business depends on dependable, long term energy generation and system management, so we work solely with proven components and design systems that ensure maximum efficiency and relevance to our customer’s needs.

Tim Haffenden Technical director
Tim Haffenden: Technical director

For example, as a standard practice, our PV module arrays are now independently connected to their inverters. So if a module should be shaded or have a technical problem, other modules in its string will be unaffected and will continue to produce energy at full efficiency.

We are also working hard on future technical advances including adding electricity storage technology to our systems. Watch this space, but we believe we will be supplying viable storage capacity within the next two years. What this will mean to our customers is greater independence from national energy suppliers and cheaper electricity 24/7.