Working with us

Project design and delivery

In most cases our team will be able to give you an indication of the savings we can achieve by assessing your energy purchasing arrangements and establishing some details about the site. However, the true potential will be calculated following a survey, consultation with local authorities, the grid, your property advisers and, informed by this exploration, a considered system design.

Carbon reduction strategies have increased in importance in recent years as global initiatives aimed at decarbonisation and energy efficiency filter through.

For most of our customers, solar energy is uncharted territory, where unknown quantities abound. When designing solar energy generation systems we ensure that we communicate every detail from the core business case to the precise anticipated energy outputs and how they relate to the user’s demand profile.


Hugo Logan Programme manager
Hugo Logan: Programme manager

Our proposal documentation is detailed and easy to understand.  Typically, the content includes a summary followed by an appraisal of the current electricity demand, design drawings, yield projections and financial modelling.  We also make sure you have all the information you need about different technologies to ensure that the project has maximum impact.

This pre-installation phase of our relationship is communicative and open. With a long-term relationship in the making, we focus entirely on ensuring you understand every aspect and benefit of solar power generation on your building or land.

If you approve our proposal, the process from this point forward is managed quickly and effectively, with a single point of contact.

If you have an installation already in place from another company but have had issues with it or its supplier, NWT can also provide an assessment of the situation and offer advice on getting it back up and running.