Working with us

A win, win deal – it doesn’t often happen in property or business

Our proposition to commercial property owners is compelling and unusual. Building on the sound foundations of our large scale industrial installations in mainland Europe, our mission is to build strong, long-term relationships creating financial reward for our clients, reducing carbon emissions through renewable energy generation, and building an influential and well-founded energy business that will help the UK to achieve its carbon reduction targets.

There are compelling ecological and commercial grounds for Solar power generation, yet the renewables market suffers from a degree of mistrust as standards in solar PV installation vary dramatically, and leasing or ownership issues seem complicated.

We listen carefully to these concerns and help our customers to understand how they can benefit from solar power generated on their property, and the simple financial options available to them. Then they can make educated decisions.


If you are a landlord, LED lighting will substantially reduce the operating costs of your tenants, making your property a far more attractive prospect.

With a solar PV installation the reduced-cost electricity that you can offer your tenants (while still generating profit from supplying energy) will enhance your initial contract negotiations, consolidate your existing relationships and improve your tenants’ sustainability credentials. Whether you choose to invest in a solar energy plant, or allow us to lease a roof from you and take on the investment ourselves, we believe the outcome will be truly sustainable, in every sense of the word.

We develop carefully planned arrangements that will provide energy and financial security for the long term.

Our teams are experts in planning, environment, law, the grid and energy engineering. Because we have a long-term interest in the technology we install, we specify only the highest quality of hardware that will outlive the term of our agreements, to a scale that is appropriate for each site and, for example, its potential to connect with the grid.

Our financial backing is substantial and secure, and we are ready to invest 100% of the cost of commercially viable LED retrofits and solar power plants, or to offer finance if you choose to invest in your own system.